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Dinner Specials

Dinner features for this week 

January 12 - 14th.

Featured Tapas

Stuffed baked Potato

Russet potato topped with Scallion, cheddar, Monterrey Jack cheese, bacon & Paul's Chili.


Hummus Trio

Black Bean Hummus, Basil Hummus and Traditional Hummus plated with Grilled pita.



BBQ Ribs

Pork ribs, Dry rub, slow roasted, dressed with our BBQ sauce and plated with rice and a side of choice.


Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Beef, bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Monterrey Jack cheese, baked and plated with crispy fried onion and a side of choice.


Catch of The Day

Ahi Tuna pan seared and presented over a forbidden rice blend dressed with an Orange Soy Glaze, offered with a side of choice.


Chicken Alyson

Boneless breast stuffed with our original Italian sausage and Provolone stuffing, baked and dressed with our Tri Berry Sauce, plated with a side of choice.


Sides offered this week are

Wilted spinach, Grilled Asparagus, Forbidden Rice Blend

For more information contact Steve & Paul

Entrees Martinis

Ginny's Crab Cake

An original family recipe that is baked to perfection . Historically served as two cakes, Now as one large Cake.


...more entrees  

With Vodka, Possibilities are endless!

Appletini      Blue Tini      Chocotini      Dirty Tini      Espressotini      Fuzzy Bumm      Grand Manderin      Grapefruit Tini      Gummy Bear      Lemontini      Raspberry Tini      Savanahtini      The Exceptional Tini      Vodka      Watermelontini     

...and more!

Fri Jan 20
Kerensa Gray performing at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Sun Jan 22 The Silent But Lively Auction to benefit The Community Free Clinic at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Sat Feb 4
Kerensa Gray performing at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Mon Apr 24 PAUL'S BIRTHDAY at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar

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"Great place, very comfortable, live music, great food and drinks.................we shall return again. "

Bill Tyler - Hagerstown