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Dinner Specials


The Dinner Specials for this week

Thursday - Saturday 11/14 - 11/16





Served with our Apple mustard

Nuggets                  4.50

Cheese Pretzel        6.00

Crab Pretzel           9.00



Garlic Shrimp

Large shrimp baked in olive oil with garlic and scallions, plated with toast rounds.


Cheesy Grits with BBQ Shrimp





Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf

Oven baked, topped with cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese, plated with our garlic mashed potato.  Offered with a dinner salad.



Blackened Salmon

Dressed with our Southwest Aioli and plated with a side of choice offered with a dinner salad.


For more information contact Steve & Paul

Entrees Martinis

Ginny's Crab Cake

An original family recipe that is baked to perfection . Historically served as two cakes, Now as one large Cake.


...more entrees  

With Vodka, Possibilities are endless!

Appletini      Blue Tini      Chocotini      Dirty Tini      Espressotini      Fuzzy Bumm      Grand Manderin      Grapefruit Tini      Gummy Bear      Lemontini      Raspberry Tini      Savanahtini      The Exceptional Tini      Vodka      Watermelontini     

...and more!

Sat Nov 23
Kerensa Gray performing & Annual Tree Trimming Event at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Wed Nov 27 Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
Thu Nov 28 Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
  Steve's Birthday at GGs Restaurant & Martini Bar
  Happy Thanksgiving

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Great Place to stop in for a drink and meet some real people,  no drama and no drunks, great new friends I have obtained by discovering GG's


Gloria - Hagerstown, MD